Free Facebook Ads Workshop, Anyone?

Here's the deal...

As a Facebook Ads expert and co-founder of Chow Local, restaurant owners on our platform regularly ask me to help run their Facebook Ads. Sadly, I don't have time to help out. As such, I thought it might be best to host a free workshop to show whoever is interested, "how to set up and optimize Facebook Ads for their restaurants".
Running Facebook Ads is relatively EASY! You don't need to pay an expert to do it. That being said there are a few common mistakes that I see restaurants make all the time, which end up costing a lot and ultimately affect the effectiveness of restaurant ads. For example, on a daily basis, I see ads pop up on Facebook, Instagram, etc. for restaurants in Toronto, or some other city other than Regina (where I live and eat). When a restaurant in a different city's ads appears to me, the restaurant is essentially wasting its money. They might get a lot of interactions (likes, comments, clicks, etc.), but they won't get much new business!
I often see ads for restaurants promoting "online ordering", that pop up on my feed at 6 am...essentially when the place is closed! Again, this is a situation where a restaurant is paying for ads that have no chance of increasing its sales.
In this workshop, I will show you a few simple settings that are often overlooked by restaurants setting up Facebook ads. These settings will allow you to properly target potential customers in your community, during the times of the day when they are typically hungry, and thus more motivated to buy from you.
Besides some of the "often-overlooked" settings, I'll also cover the basics. I will show you how to "target" people who are most likely interested in your food. Imagine being able to only show your ads to people who like your cuisine, and ignore the rest. For example, if you run a pizza place, I'll show you how to maximize your budget by only showing your ads to people who like "pizza". Or if you are trying to increase your online orders, I'll show you how to target people who like to order food online.
I'm offering this workshop as a courtesy to the owners, managers, and staff of restaurants that are active on Chow Local with the goal to help you get a better handle on your online advertising efforts. For now, I just want to see who is interested. If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, please let me know below. Please fill out the form below so that I can see who is interested. If I get enough interest I'll schedule a time and place (that works for most) to host a 1-2hr workshop.

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