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Skip The Commissions

Chow Local is a commission-free food delivery app and online ordering system for restaurants.

Big food delivery apps charge restaurants as much as 30% in commissions (on top of delivery fees), every time you order. Popular restaurants can end up paying thousands of dollars in commissions every month, while barely turning a profit.
We believe, when you repeatedly order from the places you love, it's because you crave their food, not because of the big delivery app's marketing efforts. Shouldn't restaurant owners reap the rewards, instead of the big delivery apps?


The delivery app that charges restaurants ZERO commission.

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Want reliable delivery? You get what you pay for. 

You might find our delivery fee is slightly higher than the big delivery apps.

We charge a few cents more because it makes a big difference to our drivers. Best of all, 100% of our delivery fee (and tip) goes to the driver. We don't take a cut!

No friggin hidden fees!

We hate hidden fees as much as you do. That's why you won't find any pesky "service fees" added to your order.

Restaurant Owners

Wondering how Chow Local works? Curious to know how much we charge restaurant owners?

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