Leadership Transition at Chow Local - Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie, AB - July 30, 2023 - Yesterday, Chow Local, the startup platform for commission-free online food ordering, has announced a leadership transition for its Grande Prairie operation. The platform's local operators, Fisnik Veliu and Lesley Comeau, have chosen to step back from day-to-day responsibilities at the end of July. This announcement was shared by Mr. Veliu via a Facebook post, wherein he expressed his deep gratitude to everyone for their unwavering support over the last two years.
The Chow Local team extends its heartfelt thanks to Fisnik and Lesley for their tireless dedication and substantial contributions to establishing the platform in Grande Prairie.
Effective August 1, 2023, Chow Local - Grande Prairie will be under the stewardship of Jaco van Heerden, one of Chow Local’s original co-founders and a seasoned website designer and internet marketer. He brings over 23 years of professional experience, including the successful management of Chow Local in Regina, SK.
Van Heerden has demonstrated his expertise by encouraging numerous respected restaurants in Regina to exclusively depend on Chow Local for all their online ordering needs, despite pressure from the big delivery apps’ restaurant recruiters. His leadership has enabled restaurants to thrive, while choosing to #SkipTheCommissions.
A number of restaurants in Regina that exclusively use Chow Local have experienced annual sales exceeding $250,000 on the platform, all while paying less than $250 per month.
Although Chow Local does not charge restaurant owners commissions, it's insightful to compare the fees the platform charges with the high commissions, as much as 30%, levied by popular delivery apps. Restaurants in Regina are currently spending, on average, only 6.7% of their sales to use the platform. Intriguingly, this figure continues to decrease as sales rise over time, while the platform fees remain constant.
In his role as the leader, Van Heerden's primary goal is to ensure every restaurant spends less than 1% of their sales on the platform. He has plans to engage with Grande Prairie restaurant owners directly, aiming to optimize their Chow Local accounts and overall web presence to fulfill this objective.
Van Heerden emphasizes the importance of active participation by restaurant owners in promoting the platform, asserting that this engagement will collectively benefit the entire community. In Regina, the total monthly revenue that Chow Local garners from 70 restaurants is on par with what a single popular restaurant might expect to pay in commissions to one of the big delivery apps. Due to the platform’s revenue model, Chow Local doesn't have substantial means for extensive advertising. Therefore, the promotion of the platform largely relies on the proactive efforts of restaurant owners and the community at large.
About Chow LocalChow Local is a start-up platform for online food ordering that aims to help local restaurants thrive by eliminating commissions. Established in Regina, SK, the platform is now successfully operating in five communities including Grande Prairie, AB.
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