Rules & Regulations For Self-employed Chow Local Delivery Drivers

Last updated on: Jan 6, 2024

1 - Order Acceptance Responsibility: While drivers have the choice to accept delivery requests (as they see fit), once accepted, whether intentionally or by mistake, the driver assumes full responsibility for the order. Being responsible for a delivery means the driver may be asked to reimburse the restaurant, upon the restaurant's request, if the customer ultimately requests a refund from the restaurant. In a situation where the restaurant requires the driver to reimburse them, the driver's account will get suspended until the restaurant confirms the situation has been remedied by the driver. Even if a driver rejects a request, they remain responsible until another driver accepts the order.
2 - Valid Driver's License: Ensure you have a valid driver's license before signing in to our app.
3 - Vehicle Condition: Confirm your vehicle is in working order before accepting a delivery; do not accept if there are issues like a flat tire or engine problems.
4 - Punctuality at Restaurants: Always arrive on time at the restaurant. If running late, notify the restaurant in advance to avoid complaints.
5 - Delivery Protocol: Hand the order directly to the customer, avoiding leaving it on doorsteps. Ensure delivery to the correct person and address; you are responsible for any errors.
6 - Delivery Errors Responsibility: Drivers are accountable for any delivery errors leading to a restaurant having to remake an order. Chow Local does not cover these costs.
7 - Delivery Bag Requirement: Use an unbranded insulated delivery bag for hot food. It must be brought into the restaurant and closed before leaving. Obtain an approved bag within 14 days.
8 - Multiple Requests Handling: Prioritize delivery requests with the least time remaining. For urgent requests (5 minutes or less on the clock), take them first.
9 - Direct Restaurant Requests: Do not accept delivery requests from restaurants unless the request is submitted through our system and the request becomes available to you. Accepting a request directly from a restaurant (not submitted through our system) will lead to permanent suspension.
10 - Efficient Delivery Routing: Once you pick up a delivery, take the most direct route and avoid deviating for other deliveries.
11 - Accepting Second Request: Only accept a second delivery request when the first is "En Route" to avoid delays.
12 - Complaint Handling and Account Suspension: If a restaurant or customer complains about a driver, Chow Local will investigate. During the investigation, the driver's account will be suspended until it is concluded. Drivers may face a minimum two-week suspension for rule violations.
13 - Self-Employment Responsibilities: As a self-employed driver, handle taxes, insurance, obey road rules, and stay within speed limits. Cover the costs of any traffic tickets.
14 - Delivery Frequency Requirement: Complete at least one delivery in a 30-day period to avoid permanent account suspension.

Address issues or concerns by messaging us on Discord. Join our Discord channel at and post in the #welcome channel mentioning your city for access to the appropriate local private channel.