Free Online Ordering System For Restaurants

Are you looking for a reliable, user-friendly, FREE Online Ordering System for your restaurant, that charges ZERO Commissions? Look no further.


The Best Free Restaurant Ordering System

No matter how much we love food delivery apps, there's just no denying that their commission fees can take a huge bite out of a restaurant's profits. That's why we created Chow Local- an online ordering system for restaurants that's completely commission-free. Whether your restaurant gets one order a day or a thousand, we won't charge you a single penny in commissions.
With Chow Local, you can focus on what you do best- creating delicious food- without having to worry about losing money to the big delivery apps. So why not give us a try and see how Chow Local can help take your restaurant to the next level?


Below are a few of the highlights we think every restaurant owner looking for an online ordering system should get excited about.

ZERO Commissions

Chow Local charges no commissions, whatsoever.

Free Forever!

Our free subscription plan is free forever baby!*

No Credit Card Needed

No credit card is required to sign up and start taking orders.

Powered By Stripe

Payment processing is powered by

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Order From Your Site

Let your customers order from your restaurant's website.

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On-demand Delivery

Request reliable, on-demand delivery couriers

Easy Menu Manager

Chow Local makes it very easy to add & update your menu

Friendly Support

Not tech savvy? No problem. Call +1 866-806-1562 for help.


Below are questions that are frequently asked by restaurant owners & operators.

  • How much does it cost?

    We currently offer a free plan for any restaurants that want to try our platform, risk-free. Our free plan is free forever and will allow you to get a limited number of orders every month.
    No credit card is required to sign up.
    If you like our platform and decide to upgrade in the future, you can choose one of two paid plans. Our "Basic Plan" costs $149/month and will allow your restaurant to accept up to 150 orders per month. Our pro plan is for restaurants that typically get over 200 orders in a month, and will allow you to accept an unlimited number of orders for only $299/month.
    Our paid plans will also allow your restaurant to request delivery for any orders your restaurant receives outside our platform. Whereas our free plan will only allow you to request delivery if the order was placed through our platform.
    All rates are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and subject to 5% GST Tax.

  • How do we (the restaurant) get paid?

    On our platform, each restaurant manages its own payment processing when a customer places an order. To be able to process credit cards, restaurants have to create a Stripe account. Check out our tutorial video that shows how to create a Stripe account seamlessly within minutes.

    Restaurants don't have to worry about waiting for weekly payouts since Stripe works on a daily basis to process payments and deposit funds into a restaurant's bank account.

    Restaurants have full control over issuing refunds when necessary. If an order goes wrong or a customer lodges a complaint, the customer will contact the restaurant, and the restaurant manager can offer a full or partial refund as needed. Unlike the big delivery apps that often refund orders (at the restaurant's expense) if a customer complains.

  • How does delivery work?

    Our platform links community restaurants with independent delivery drivers (couriers) nearby.
    When a restaurant has an order to deliver, their personnel can choose to use their own couriers or request a courier from our platform.

    If a restaurant is situated in an area without Chow Local couriers, it can either handle delivery independently or opt to wait for Chow Local couriers to become available in the area.

    Within a few days of two or three restaurants joining in a region where our system currently doesn't have couriers operating, we'll bring in skilled couriers.

  • Can we manage our menu and change prices etc.?

    Our platform makes it very easy for a restaurant to manage its menu. Initially after signing up the restaurant needs to add its menu. Once added the restaurant can edit menu items (descriptions, pricing, etc.) as needed. This quick tutorial video shows just how easy it is for restaurants to manage their menu.

  • Is there an app we use to process orders?

    Restaurants need to download our free mobile app called "Chow Local Manager" from the App Store or Play Store. Install the app on any iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet to accept and process orders. Our manager app will notify you or or your staff when an order is received. The app is very user-friendly.

  • How does Chow Local work with my website?

    Each restaurant on our platform gets a unique link that can be used to link any website to your restaurant's online ordering page on our platform. If you don't have a website, you can apply here for a free restaurant website that is fully integrated with Chow Local.

If our Frequently Asked Questions section did not answer all your questions, feel free to click on the button below to ask us any other questions you may have.

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Delivery Done Right!

Once you're on our platform, you'll be connected with self-employed delivery drivers (couriers) in your local community. "Chowsters" can be requested on an order-by-order basis to take care of your delivery needs.
Got your own in-house delivery drivers? Perfect! Set your own delivery rates and service area.
However you approach delivery, Chow Local is the perfect online ordering system for your restaurant.

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