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Partner with us to launch & run Chow Local in your community

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What is Chow Local™

Chow Local™ is a commission-free restaurant food delivery platform that offers restaurants an alternative to big delivery apps.
The big apps (UberEats, Doordash, JustEat, SKIPtheDishes) charge restaurants as much as 30% in commissions, on top of their delivery fees. We charge restaurants a low monthly fee that does not fluctuate regardless of the number of orders they get.
In each community, we rely on Territory Partners to launch, promote and operate Chow Local as they see fit.
Our turn-key Software as a Service (SaaS) franchise allows anyone to operate a sustainable food delivery app anywhere in the world.

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Territory Partners

Territory Partners are individuals or groups such as restaurant associations who acquire the exclusive rights to operate Chow Local in their local community.
Partners pay a monthly territory license fee that is based on their territory's population size. In return, as a territory partner, you or your organization gets to decide how much to charge restaurants in your community. As long as it is fair.
Restaurant associations can choose to run Chow Local as a non-profit or a lucrative residual income-generating business.

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Ideal Partners

Our Territory Partnership Program is suited for individuals, collectives, or associations who are passionate about helping restaurants in their community.
Ideal partners have strong ties in their local community, marketing skills & resources, as well as business-to-business sales experience.
Non-profit restaurant associations looking to offer their members a better alternative to the big delivery apps are preferred partners and are encouraged to inquire below.


In The News

Chow Local serving up ethical food delivery app

"While apps such as Skip the Dishes or DoorDash have attracted criticism for taking a 20 to 30 per cent commission from restaurants, Chow Local takes no commission. Instead, it currently charges a startup fee of $350 and then a flat monthly fee of $95" - Regina Leader-Post


When did Chow Local start?

We launched Chow Local in the summer of 2021 in Regina, SK Canada, to help the restaurants in our local community who were unhappy with paying high commissions to the big food delivery apps

What makes Chow so special?

Visit our home page or read this newspaper article to learn more about us. Besides offering restaurants a commission-free alternative to the big delivery apps, we rely on local partners who operate our platform in their community as they see fit: for-profit or not.

When I download the app I don't see anything. What's up with that?

To see our app in action add the following address as your "delivery address" - 1685 Albert Street, Regina, SK (our head office's address), Doing this will allow you to see active restaurants in Regina, SK. Make sure to check during regular business hours or contact us for a demo.

Can anyone become a partner?

Although anyone can become a partner, we are looking for like-minded partners who, like us, want to help restaurants. Besides this, since we only have one partner (individual, company, or association) as an exclusive partner in each community, we have to make sure you have the budget and skills required to be successful. We essentially need to make sure you will be a good fit! We encourage everyone who is interested, to contact us to inquire further.

Is this a lucrative opportunity?

Our license fee (which partners pay to operate exclusively) is such that anyone who is interested in running Chow Local as a for-profit business, only needs to sign up a few restaurants in their community to become profitable. Having said this, we are very open to restaurant associations or local collectives who want to operate Chow Local as a non-profit. As a partner, you can decide how much you want to charge restaurants in your territory, as long as it is fair.

How much does it cost to license a territory?

Territory license fees are either $500 per month or $15 per month, per 1,000 people living in the community, whichever is higher. So for example, if there are 50,000 people living in your community, the monthly license fee for your territory will be 50 x $15 = $750/monthIf there are, for example, 40 participating restaurants in your community, each restaurant would only have to pay $18.75/month to be on Chow Local. Or, you may decide to charge restaurants a bit more to cover local advertising costs as you see fit.

How much do restaurants pay to be on Chow Local?

Restaurants usually pay an account activation fee as well as a low monthly fee (platform subscription fee). Territory partners get to decide how much restaurants in their community should pay to be on Chow Local. We suggest partners charge restaurants less than $350-$500 to activate their account and less than $200/per month. Restaurant associations may choose to charge far less or simply include access to Chow Local with their membership fee.

Can I Start Chow Local Outside Canada?

Yes! We started in Canada, however our platform can operate in essentially any country where Stripe.com is supported. Here is a full list of countries that are supported.

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