You completed all the basic steps required to register your restaurant.Below is a list of a few more things you need to do before you can "go live". Click on each item in the list for more information, including tutorial videos and direct links to the settings you need to configure.

  • Add your restaurant's menu

    Our "registration checklist" required you to add at least one menu item. Now it is time to add the rest of your menu items. Watch this tutorial video to learn how easy it is to add and update your menu items. To get started, click on the "Menu Items" tab, or click here.

  • Connect your Stripe account

    When it comes to processing your customer's credit card payment, Chow Local requires each restaurant to connect a Stripe account. Stripe is a payment processing platform for businesses to accept and manage online payments. Watch this quick tutorial video to learn how to create a Stripe account.
    Once you have created a Stripe account (make sure you are signed in to your Stripe Account), go to Settings > Stripe or click here to connect your Stripe account. Simply click on the "Connect" button and follow the prompts.

  • Configure your "Delivery & Pick Up" settings

    Before you go live and start accepting orders you must configure your "Delivery & Pick Up" settings. Go to Settings > Delivery & Pickup or click here to get started.

  • Set your time zone & hours of operation

    Before you go live make sure your restaurant's Time Zone and "Hours Of Operation" are set. This quick tutorial video will show you exactly what to do. Go to Settings > Hours Of Operation or click here to set your hours.