Video Spotlight

The Idea

We're looking for restaurants to partner with us to bring our users and folks in the community engaging content that not only promoted our brand but yours too! Here's the deal. We would like to start posting regular videos (reels) that put the spotlight on the restaurants that are on Chow Local. We would like to essentially feature each and every one of you over time, however due to our buget constraints we're looking for restaurants that are willing to cover the cost of video production. We'll line up a good local video producer & editor to shoot a video of a local foodie visiting your restaurnat. We're imagining a main "host" and possibly guest foodies and local influencers and celebrities (i.e. Regina's Major, Regina's New Police Chief, The Bearded Chef, Riders Etc.) Our "host" will essentially take viewers inside your restaurant to explore your space, taste some of most popular dishes, get a few sound bites from you or your staff and guest foodies. We believe every restaurant has something that makes them great, and we want to show that!


We will post the videos on Facebook page and boost the post to get as many views as possible. We'll also send a mass email to all our local users to let them know when the video drops.


You pay for the production of this video and we'll handle disttribution. Video producers have quoted us $500-1000 per shoot. Some offering more than just a few seconds of edited video (multiple cust, still photos etc.)offer