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Chow Local is a commission-free online ordering and delivery platform for restaurants in Wichita. We charge a low monthly fee, enabling some restaurant owners to save thousands of dollars every month.

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Wichita, KS

Chow Local launched in Wichita, late in 2023. We currently have several great local restaurants on our platform. If you're a local restaurant owner, tired of paying apps like UberEats, GrubHub & Doordash crazy commissions, give us a try. We charge zero commissions and we're offering founding partners 30% OFF our monthly fee.

Wichita Founding Partners Save 30%, Forever

Launching our platform in Wichita is a collaborative effort, led by a few dedicated local restaurant operators who sign up before everyone else. We can't do it without you! That's why we offer the first few restaurants that sign up in Wichita a lifetime discount. Our Founding Partners get 30% OFF their monthly fee, forever.

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Happy Driver, Happy Customer

Chow Local drivers in Wichita earn 100% of the delivery fee (and tip) that customers pay when ordering food. As a platform, we don't take a cut! This ensures our drivers make as much money as possible, ultimately keeping them happy!
In addition to ensuring our drivers are taken care of, our logistics system keeps track of drivers and promotes those who consistently show up on time and receive the best feedback from customers.
Best of all, our drivers take full responsibility for every delivery they accept. If something goes wrong, and you (as the restaurant owner) have to issue a refund, the driver will reimburse you for the order. Fair is fair!
Our approach delivers a superior customer experience, unmatched by the competition.


Below are questions that are frequently asked by restaurant owners & operators.

  • How much does it cost?

    We typically charge $299/month plus tax. If you are one of the first 50 restaurants to join in Wichita, you'll get $100 OFF our monthly fee.

  • How many orders will we (the restaurnat) get?

    Chow Local serves as an alternative to major delivery apps with high commissions, offering a cost-saving solution for restaurants in Wichita.
    Success on our platform depends on various factors, including the restaurant's popularity, current takeout & delivery volume, and whether they are listed on other food delivery apps.

  • How do we (the restaurant) get paid?

    Restaurants manage their own payments through our platform using Stripe.
    This tutorial video guides you through Stripe's easy setup process.
    Unlike the weekly payouts commission-based food delivery apps offer, Stripe processes payments daily, ensuring timely deposits into your bank account.

  • What About Customer Refunds?

    You have full control over refunds. If issues arise, customers contact you directly for resolutions. This empowers you to address complaints and offer refunds without third-party intervention, unlike major delivery apps that often refund orders at the restaurant's expense.

  • How does delivery work?

    Restaurants have the flexibility to either use their drivers or opt for on-demand delivery by requesting a Chow Local Driver.

  • Do we (the restaurant) have to pay drivers?

    Restaurants are responsible for paying our drivers directly. It's important to note that while the restaurant covers the driver's payment, the customer pays a delivery fee when placing an order. This delivery fee essentially gets passed on to the driver, along with any tips, as they receive 100% of both. As a platform, we don't take any cut from the delivery fee or tips.

  • How much is the delivery fee?

    The delivery fee varies based on the delivery distance, and our system calculates it in real time during the order placement. The fee is determined by the customer's delivery address and the distance from the restaurant, and it is displayed on the order details screen during checkout.

  • How many drivers do you have?

    We receive daily driver applications exceeding our current needs, resulting in a waiting list that typically boasts 5-10 drivers for every restaurant on our platform. We carefully manage the active driver count to optimize the earning potential for each driver on our platform and ensure there are enough active drivers to handle delivery demand in Wichita.

  • What happens if a driver messes up?

    Since Chow Local drivers earn 100% of the delivery fee and tip, Chow drivers take full responsibility for every delivery they accept. If something goes wrong and the restaurant owner has to issue a refund, the driver will get suspended until they reimburse you for the order. Why should the restaurant or the platform pay for a driver's mistake? Fair is fair!

  • Do we get a free tablet & printer?

    "We operate differently from larger delivery apps that charge high commissions and provide free hardware. At Chow Local, each restaurant is responsible for providing their own mobile tablet and printer upon signing up.

  • Can we manage our menu and change prices etc.?

    Managing your menu on our platform is a breeze. Watch this tutorial video to see just how easy it is for restaurants to update their menu.

  • Is there an app we use to process orders?

    To process orders, restaurants can download our free mobile app, 'Chow Local Manager,' available on the App Store or Play Store. Install it on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device to accept and process orders. The user-friendly app notifies you or your staff instantly when an order is received, ensuring efficient management.

  • How does Chow Local work with my website?

    Every restaurant on our platform receives a unique link to seamlessly connect their website with the Chow Local online ordering page. If you don't have a website, no worries – we can set you up with a mobile-friendly website. Just let us know.

If our Frequently Asked Questions section does not answer all your questions, feel free to contact us below.

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